Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Creswick Quilters Sewing Day

Richard and I attended a really good presentation by Pauline Rogers of Toowoomba last Sunday. It was the machine quilting tutorial - Richard did it and I helped with the morning tea and lunch duties. We prepared samples to quilt with the new (to me anyway) fusible wadding which Pauline recommends - consensus is that it really is fantastic to work with - thanks Pauline for introducing me to it. Pauline then went to the Meredith Community Centre on the Monday to show another group how easy machine quilting can be.

Richard enjoyed himself and did not mind being the only rooster in the henhouse!! Pat who helps me in the shop on Wednesdays tutored me in the finer points of sausage roll making and brought in samples yesterday - devoured by all including two customers  - right place right time!! Not good for the diet but tasty.....

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  1. Go Richard! I LOVE home made sausage rolls.