Saturday, 21 May 2011

Maria Cook with some of her Quilts

Today was the last day of Maria's exhibition "A Pieceful Life". Here is a photo of Maria with two of her quilts. The large one is on its way to a new home. The small one Maria is holding lives at Eureka Patchwork!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Creswick Quilters Sewing Day

Richard and I attended a really good presentation by Pauline Rogers of Toowoomba last Sunday. It was the machine quilting tutorial - Richard did it and I helped with the morning tea and lunch duties. We prepared samples to quilt with the new (to me anyway) fusible wadding which Pauline recommends - consensus is that it really is fantastic to work with - thanks Pauline for introducing me to it. Pauline then went to the Meredith Community Centre on the Monday to show another group how easy machine quilting can be.

Richard enjoyed himself and did not mind being the only rooster in the henhouse!! Pat who helps me in the shop on Wednesdays tutored me in the finer points of sausage roll making and brought in samples yesterday - devoured by all including two customers  - right place right time!! Not good for the diet but tasty.....

Been busy but.....

I have been busy turning the courtyard garden of the shop into a welcoming space for warmer weather visitors to enjoy (unlessI add a fire pit!!)  There were constraints to work with  - namely trees - an olive, a lemon, a  mandarin, 2 figs, 1 pear and either a peach or a nectarine - it did nothing much this year so the jury is still out on which it is. Much undergrowth ripped out and the cleared space gave roon for a new vision - lots of peonies!!!! 9 Tree peonies already in and hopefully I can fit in at least another dozen or so and then lovely bits and pieces to complement the stars of the garden. More later

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A Pieceful Life

Maria Cook has an exhibition of her work on show and for sale at Space 22 Gallery at 22 man Road Ballarat. It runs until 22nd of May. Here is a sample of Maria's work

New quilt rack

All patchworkers and quilters love a good deal. Check out this great Quilt rack that I found at Sam's recently.