Monday, 18 April 2011

Blog Police visit

The Blog Police arrived today and admonished me severely for not blogging this week since the very first Blog!  As I am still in Blog 101 class I thought this was a bit nasty but I am attempting to communicate in this new fashion. I went to AQC in Melbourne on Thursday and had an interesting time looking and getting ideas - came home exhausted and poorer.......

Preparing for the annual Easter Sale - this year I am open Easter Saturday and Sunday 10 till 5 and Anzac Day/Easter Monday 1-5 - 20% discount off the already good everyday prices - but fat 1/4 are still at $4 and dirt cheap at that! Speaking of dirt, here is a picture of a peony from my previous life - now I have them all year on fabric - much better.


  1. YEAHHHH! You did a great jog Elisabeth - I love the Peony. Been busy sewing this arvo.

  2. gorgeous Peony! I am guessing the blog police was Annie? LOL